In both college and my career since, I have made a variety of videos and developed a quick workflow and instinct for storyboarding editing, and gained experience in videography, mixing, and animation. My work spans event promotion, general advertising, announcement videos, and creative pieces, but my strongest and proudest work is short-form journalistic video.
2020 Anti-War Demonstration
I captured this video  documenting and explaining the positions of the organizers who called the action, and what their demands were for deescalating a possible war threat with Iran at that time. I shot with two cameras over the course of about two hours, in a variety of lighting environments, and storyboarded and edited this the following day. 
Elder Fernandes Protest 1 Minute Doc
Created for social media in a square format, this video documents a protest demanding accountability for the murder of Elder Fernandes, a soldier who reported sexual assault and was found murdered at the Fort Hood military base. The primary challenge with this piece was deciding on and conveying the most important information surrounding the case.
2022-2023 Season Announcement
This video was a very short and snappy piece announcing a season of theater at my recent position at Central Square Theater. The primary challenge was that we had no usable footage of the plays or images that we could use. So we improvised and I used some of my best aftereffects animating to date to create an engaging and exciting video. 
Review Highlight Reel
This video I filmed on a professional grade camcorder during a live performance and then edited together over the course of two days. It is intended to have a rapid pace, keeping the short attention span of social media viewers, while still allowing the reviews to be read. It was made from about 2 hours of footage. 
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