My most recent position was working at Central Square Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While there, I served as a multimedia creator, which included designing  imagery and branding for shows and programs. At Central Square Theater, we staged an event in partnership with a local dance studio create a day of performances and to gather the stories of people in the local neighborhood. I was responsible for all the branding, collateral, and imagery for the event.
In setting out to create the identity, my goal was to focus primarily on story telling, but also evoke the concept of the passage of time, phases of life, childhood, and memory. The different elements of the branding and visual identity were created through illustration and collage using photographs of performers who would be at the event, thus highlighting them.
YourTown Poster, Logo and Branding
At right was the central poster which we used on our social media and distributed around the area where the event was. The goal was to create a piece with an epic feeling that incorporated theater, storytelling, and dance, and that incorporated a homey feeling and the themes of time, birth, life and death. 
Below and to the left is the set of logos I created. These were more lighthearted to contrast the poster, and addressed the idea of childhood and its relationship to memory
Below and to the right is signage that was created for the event - these were put up around the site of the event to show folks they were in the right place and direct traffic. 
Below that are the two signs created for the story booths. These were central pieces of the event. In addition to a day of dance and theater performances, the theater wanted to gather stories from community members about their past and important milestones in their lives. The story booth signs had to emphasize the power of voice while also being welcoming and clear.
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