Over the course of my career and growth as an artist, I have come to focus heavily on the point where graphic design and photography meet. Initially trained in swiss poster design at university, I developed a style over time that uses collage, typography, and color to illustrate complex feelings and concepts. Much of my work has focused on political posters, book covers, and movie and music artwork, which has required me to develop a careful process for translating these ideas into visuals. 
Forestry Syllabus Appendix
This piece is an accepted submission into the Moral Crema Art and Literature Journal for their Fall 2023 edition. The prompt was simply "academic journal". I wrote a short fiction piece and designed this collage to accompany it. The full piece is a 16x12 spread.
The short fiction piece was a 2nd person narrative loosely emulating a guidebook. The prose contained a narrative wherein the protagonist encounters an eldritch horror while exploring a natural area near their campus. The design piece intends to compliment and illustrate the incomprehensible fear of encountering this creature, and evoke its imagery and scale.
The collage features all original elements created by me, including the hand images which were photographs taken of a model by myself. The visual is heavily inspired by the fear of drowning, and photographic / collage horror movie posters.
S/T by This Will Destroy You Redesign
I redesigned this cover of S/T by This Will Destroy You as an exercise in taking extremely abstract and atmospheric music and turning it into a concrete visual. The process for developing this piece started with me listening through the album several times and developing a list of imagery phrases and aesthetic parameters that could be transformed into a final piece. As part of this process, I also closely studied the aesthetic choices of the rest of  This Will Destroy You's discography (see below)
Once this was done, I began to pull together assets and create illustrations and draft. The final version that you see to your left is the result of three rounds of revisions. 
The cover is meant to capture the complex, textured, and geological feelings that the album evokes over the course of its eight instrumental tracks. 
A Good Home Poster
This poster was a submission to the Dilemmas of Humanity international conference art contest in September of 2023. The Dilemmas of Humanity Conference sought to address the greatest issues facing the people of the world today. Given my personal experience in Brooklyn and Boston, I chose to focus on housing.
This piece features found collage elements pulled from a variety of archival sources. The goal was to strike deeply at the concept of what a home is and all of the emotions that are tied to that. The elements are meant to feel nostalgic and timeless but also modern and holding a sense of agency. 
The piece was inspired especially by the storied tradition of radical poster artists combing nature and the material world with political concepts. It was also inspired by extensive research into found film archives of family and home photos, to understand the deep emotions that are tied into the idea of home.
A Season of Show Posters
I made these three posters as part of Central Square Theater's announcement of their 2022-2023 season. The goal was to create imagery that did not involve photos of the cast or performances, which means having to build up a new and interpretive illustration of the piece from scratch. I made these as collages, and interrelated the series of images by using similar visual elements in each piece.
The pieces were a departure from many traditional styles of theater poster work which heavily relies on performance photos or staged cast photos, or singular illustrations. Instead, I distilled the themes of the pieces and their iconic imagery into very simple elements and created collages. 
Rosewater Records Show Poster
This poster was commissioned by Rosewater Records, a small indie music management agency. They regularly host live shows in Boston and New York. This piece was for one of their first indoor shows during 2021. 
This commission had a few parameters - the goal was to create a sketchy illustration featuring animals, and capture the fall / winter feeling as the show was the first after a season of outdoor summer concerts. 
The result features assets and illustrations entirely made by me, a play on a classic winter scene of a fox walking across snow. The piece was exclusively used for social media promotion and was shared by all 3 artists, garnering about 1000 likes across four accounts.
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